Technigro 15-5-15

SKU: 20-4026


  • 25lb bags
  • Minimum Quantity of 4 bags.

Additional Information

High in nitrogen and potassium, Technigro® 15-5-15 Plus is recommended for tropical foliage plant production as well as turf management, landscapes, and interiorscapes. Technigro brand fertilizers are superior water soluble formulas that dissolve quickly and easily in all qualities of water. They were designed to stay in solution and never leave trace elements in the bottom of the tank, regardless of the watering equipment or injector.

High nitrate nitrogen (80%) Available nitrogen over a wide range of temperature and light contitions.
Enhanced calcium (5%) and magnesium (2%) levels. Supplies readily available, essential nutrients that are often overlooked.
Moderate potential basicity. Helps to keep growing media pH from rising too high.
Chelated micronutrients. Available micronutrients over a wide range of soil conditions.
Highly water soluble. Readily dissolves to use with a wide range of injectors.
Free flowing. Easy to measure and mix fertilizer.

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