Sumas Gro Media is Western Canada’s Largest Supplier of Customized Potting Soils for the Wholesale Industry.

Using the highest quality of commercial grade materials we have built a reputation of efficiency and accuracy. Our Dutch-designed facility along side our lean-flow management has helped our clients receive top quality potting soil that meets the specific needs of different crops and growing styles.

Sumas Cedar Mix for Optimizing Growth for Cedar Hedging.

Creating a lush and vibrant cedar hedge is a top priority for residential and commercial landscapers. The key to a successful cedar hedge lies not only in selecting the right seedlings but also in providing an optimal environment for…

We’re Ready to Ship for Spring Garden Foundations

As the sun begins to warm the earth and blossoms adorn the landscape, the anticipation for the upcoming gardening season is palpable. We’re thrilled to announce that the wait is over – Sumas Gro Media is gearing up to…