House Blueberry Mix

SKU: 60-TRI02-01

$145.05 / 2.5 cubic yard bag

$51.62 / yard for bulk orders

Specifically formulated for blueberry cultivation, this mix ensures the right pH balance and drainage to foster healthy growth and bountiful harvests. Its composition supports robust root systems and optimal fruit development.

Bulk Order

Bulk orders are when you do not require yard bags and can accept a 'dump' of material. Minimum bulk order is 10 yards. Phone or email for more information.

Yard bag covers are used to keep the material dry, and protect it from being displaced by wind. Yard bag covers are optional for delivery orders (but useful if you’re storing bags outside in the rain or wind.) Yard bags covers are required for pick up orders.

2 bag minimum for delivery outside the Fraser Valley.
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