Technigro 06-30-30

SKU: 20-4035


  • 25lb bags
  • Minimum Quantity of 4 bags.

Additional Information

Recommended when you want high phosphorous and potassium, with low nitrogen levels. The 1:5:5 ratio may enhance flowering in some species by helping maintain an appropriate N:P ratio while contributing to enhanced root growth. The additional potassium helps enhance plant vigor. The Plus level of minor nutrients is ideal for soilless growing mix production.

Low nitrogen formulation. Reducing ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus helps stimulate bud-set in some species.
High phosphorus and potassium levels. Essential for root development and plant vigor.
Chelated micronutrients. Available micronutrients over a wide range of soil conditions.
Moderate potential acidity. Will work with a wide range of water alkalinities.
Highly water soluble. Readily dissolves to use with a wide range of injectors.
Free flowing. Easy to measure and mix fertilizer.

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